The Vinter client portal is your way of accessing all information and services on your active and passive strategies.

The Vinter portal was constructed in order to offer an easier way for our clients to access the data needed to understand the products that Vinter offers. For each product you will have a dedicated product page. Depending on which product you have you will see different information. If Vinter is calculating your indexes you will have one product page for each index. This page will give you access to end-of-day files as well as rebalancing weights when it is time to rebalance your index.

If you have ordered daily portfolio composition files you will be able to calculate real-time portfolio composition files and net asset value files. You will have access to historical data as well as the end-of-day files that are sent out to relevant market participants.

You can control who has access to the portal and who will receive the different end-of-day files. You can enhance your security by turning on two factor authentication. The Vinter Portal will give access to all your Vinter products. This documentation uses the following abbreviations:

  • NAV - net asset value

  • PCF - portfolio composition file

  • EOD - end of day

EOD files may sometimes be available only via subscription.

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