Net Asset Values

Under this section, you find the official end-of-day net asset value files. These files are only provided to those where Vinter calculates daily net asset values.

Vinter calculates official closing values for NAV, PCF, and EOD files. Currently, this time is 16:00 London time. At this time, all values are calculated and published on the portal. These files are automatically sent to all users in the organization account. If a user updates a field after the official publication time, the latest official value is updated.

The official Net Asset Values File will be sent to the user's email at the official publication time on a daily basis. The file can also be manually downloaded by the user using the portal. Add subscribers to the Net Asset Value file under the Subscriber page. By doing that, you can change when the subscriber receives the file.

You can also calculate real-time NAV files. This is done using the PCF Specifications page.

The file only contains information related to the net asset value of the product. We kindly refer you to the Portfolio Composition Files table for a description of each column in the file.

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