How do I add a colleague in the portal?
  1. Go to "Users"

  2. Click on the top right "Add New User"

  3. Fill in all the fields

Note: Your colleague will set up a 2-factor authentification after receiving its credentials in her/his inbox, hence you can pick a password for her/him without impacting the overall security of the platform.

Actively-Managed Indexes

How do I rebalance in the Client Portal?
  1. Click on your active strategy, then "PCF Specifications" and go all the way down to "Portfolio Composition".

  2. Click on "Add new asset to portfolio" if you are holding a new crypto asset.

  3. Fill in the asset name (it can be written how you want, for ex: Bitcoin or BITCOIN).

  4. Fill in the symbol of the crypto asset (it needs to be exact and in capital letters).

  5. Delete any asset that you are not holding anymore by clicking on the cross button.

  6. Click on "Preview Portfolio" to save the edits.

  7. Click on "Update Portfolio", if you are satisfied otherwise click on "Continue Editing".

How often can I rebalance in the Client Portal?

You can rebalance at any time, as frequently as you want. Therefore, you can rebalance every hour and of course every day. For now, you would need to manually input the new asset allocation in the "PCF Specification" section.

Notes: If you want to get the updated data right after rebalancing in the portal, you need to generate a PCF by clicking on the download button, on the top right corner. Also, the fees would only be calculated once a day as per our current technical setup.

Passive Indexes

Where can I download the historical index values?
  1. Click on the chosen passive strategy.

  2. Click on "Downloads" (top right corner of your screen).

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