Under the File section, you can find different files containing information about your products.

Vinter currently provides the following files

  • Portfolio Composition File (PCF) - These files are used to price exchange-traded products.

  • Net Asset Value files (NAV) are also used to price an exchange-traded product but contain less information than the PCF file.

  • Rebalance Weights file - These files contain the new rebalancing weights for each index that Vinter administers.

  • End-Of-Day file (EOD) - These files contain information that can be used to understand how Vinter arrived at the current index value.

Vinter calculates official closing values for NAV, PCF, and EOD files. Currently, this time is 16:00 London time. At this time, all values are calculated and published on the portal. These files are automatically sent to all users in the organization account. If a user updates a field after the official publication time, the latest official value is updated.

All official files can be downloaded from the portal under their specific section.

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