PCF Specifications

Managing your PCF


  • Update your portfolio composition and the number of Outstanding Shares at any time of the day.

  • Fill in the new amount of assets you hold and get the weighting as well as index statistics.

  • Select a cut-off time at which calculations are executed and a publication time at which index statistics are sent out. (Coming Soon)


  • Calibrate the Annual Management Fee to get the Daily Management Fee and Total Management Fee.

  • Calibrate the High-Water Mark and Performance Fee rate to get the performance fee.


  • View the reference portfolio currency. (Please contact support@vinter.co to modify the portfolio currency of an existing PCF.)

  • Add any contributor or recipient for the index values. (Coming Soon)

  • Calculate the Total Basket Value, Net Asset Value (NAV) and NAV after applying the fees.

  • Invite as many users as needed to spread the information coherently.

  • Consult the historical Portfolio Composition, Net Asset Value, Rebalance Weights, and End-Of-Day file reports.

  • Give access to all your providers to the historical and live data via a simple API endpoint. (Coming Soon)

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