End-Of-Day Values

The end-of-day files are delivered for all indexes that Vinter calculates. They contain all the information needed to understand how Vinter arrived at the current index value.

Vinter calculates official closing values for NAV, PCF, and EOD files. Currently, this time is 16:00 London time. At this time, all values are calculated and published on the portal. These files are automatically sent to all users in the organization account. If a user updates a field after the official publication time, the latest official value is updated.

You can access historical end-of-day files from the Files section.

During scheduled maintenance periods, EOD files may sometimes only be accessible via subscription and won't be downloadable directly from the portal.

You can also add different users in the subscription section to receive the EOD file at a specific time. You can request to receive the EOD file for multiple indexes.

Depending on the index type, the price of symbols can be related to different time series. How Vinter calculates the rebalance weights for each symbol can be found on this page: Rebalance Weights.

The EOD file for an index contains the following information:



The internal index symbol.

Current date

The current date.

Rebalance date

The previous rebalancing date.

Current index value

The current end-of-day index value.

Rebalance index value

The index value at the previous rebalancing date.


The current index constituents.

Rebalance price (USD)

The constituent's end-of-day price at the rebalancing date.

Current price (USD)

The constituent's end-of-day price at the current date.

Rebalance weight

The constituent's rebalance weight.

Current weight

The current weight of the constituent.

For more information on the calculation methodology of those fields, please review the Multi Assets Indexes documentation.

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